Global Health Mini-University stands as a resourceful news and information website for everything regarding global health and overall healthier living in the world today. 

What Global Health Mini-University Stands For

The world is changing rapidly, and people are becoming more prone to factors that can negatively affect health and cause medical problems. With the world’s population growing more prone to health and medical issues, it is important to spread information on how different factors are affecting the lives of many individuals, families, and communities. 

With bad health being caused by many different elements, there are many important subjects to look at to understand exactly how these problems are occurring and the effect it has on the human race. 


This website strives to bring this information to the public. Information on how to reduce these health issues to a level where they could be addressed more positively and be easier to improve. The articles on this website provide much knowledgeable information on the statistics of global health. 

On this website, our readers can also learn more about different forums to attend and visit online about global health and the different issues it faces. Visiting various forums and blogs on the issue can help greatly in spreading the information to others and help in addressing the issues within global health. 

Importance of Education on Healthy Living and Global Health

Change starts with being informed of current problems in the world. Without knowledge of the current state of global health, the problem will only carry on growing negatively. This website provides the necessary information in understanding the various factors which are affecting global health. 

Many of the issues in Global health has to do with economics and the financial strain of many communities, families, and individuals. 

Many events with a focus on global health and healthy living are available to attend throughout the world. These events are highly knowledgeable on the most important aspects including statistics and guidelines to healthy living.