4 Major Global Health Issues

This article provides a focus on 4 major issues in Global Health and information into how these issues are affecting the entire population on earth. These 4 factors provide the biggest challenges in confronting progress in global health. 

Environmental Factors

Air pollution and climate change affect the health of the entire world population in a major way. As research shows, it’s mostly due to water sources and sanitation that are affected by global health and in return affecting the population.

Many different factors including storms, droughts, flooding, and air pollution makes it easier for diseases to spread across communities and towns. Some of the most prominent solutions to consider will be to provide bottled water and sanitation technology to large communities. 

Economic Disparities and Access to Healthcare

Although medicine has seen endless progress in development, there are still many communities and groups across the world lacking basic healthcare and education into healthcare. This in return causes many health disparities including infant mortality which is often related to geography.

To solve these challenges, professionals must explore and research opportunities to uplift underrepresented communities and countries in health forums. Encouragement is needed for physicians to practice in remote areas and introduce major policies to reduce barriers and provide access to healthcare. 


New pandemic threats occur almost every year, emerging from many different elements. Vaccination efforts can help, although researching the source of the pandemic is widely considered as the most important factor in solving them. 

Health education and responsible agricultural practice are among some of the most important factors to consider with pandemics. 


With international politics entering the mix of all the factors affecting global health, things get messy. Inadequate access to proper healthcare is among one of the factors most affected by politics.